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What is Home Video to DVD Transfer?

"Home Video to DVD Transfer" means we can copy your cherished Home Video memories and transfer that footage to DVD-Video for viewing on most home DVD Players.

If you ever videotaped any events you consider valuable, there may still be time enough to preserve them for future generations. Videotapes of any format degrade much faster than most people realize because of their magnetic composition. Americans own about 70 million video cameras. As they capture their priceless memories to videotape there is no guarantee that those images and sounds will even last long enough for the next generation to enjoy. Now there is a low cost and effective way to preserve those Home Videos, transfer them to DVD-Video.

Preserve engagements, weddings, anniversaries, children's growing up memories, family reunions and much, much more. Don't let those priceless video memories fade away into "magnetic oblivion", Transfer them to DVD right away.

How long do DVDs last compared to Videotapes.

The DVD-video format has a minimum life expectancy of at least 100 years. Unlike videotapes, DVDs are not recorded as a magnetic medium but rather by using a tiny laser, burning microscopic pits into the recording surface that lies underneath a protective clear coating. Most videotapes of any format will not be playable 15 years after first being recorded. The earlier your Home Videotapes get transferred to DVD-Video, the better quality the original video images / sound are likely to be.

A videotape wears out a little every time it is played. A DVD can be played over and over without wearing it out at all. A 100-year-old DVD-Video will play as well as a newly recorded DVD. Every time a copy of a videotape is made, the next generation has a loss of quality. Copying a non-copyright protected DVD will result in a perfect copy.

Why are videotapes such a poor video storage medium?

Because they are designed as a magnetic storage medium, videotapes degrade from the moment they are made. There is little, if any protection for the tape itself except inside it's own videotape cassette and cardboard or plastic cover. Many environmental conditions affect the microscopic magnetic particles bound to the very thin plastic tape. Heat and humidity causes those magnetic particles to loosen and fall off, carrying the video and sound data that is encoded onto those magnetic particles with them. All or much of that magnetically encoded video data can be lost instantly by close exposure to any magnetic fields produced by almost any component in an entertainment center. Some of the strongest sources of electrical / magnetic fields are created by VCRs, TVs, speakers, and stereo components, all near where videotapes are commonly stored. To put things in perspective, the Earth we live on is one giant magnet! Do your old videotapes clog the play heads of your VCR? That means more and more tiny particles are coming off and your priceless memories on videotape are fading fast. Obviously, the sooner you transfer your Home Videos to DVD the better chance you have of preserving them for future generations in their original quality.

Besides longevity, are there more benefits of DVD?

Yes, interactivity is a major benefit. Like its cousin, the Compact Disc, the DVD format allows the user to select where on the disc he wants to go. It then "jumps" to that point on the disc instantly until the user makes another selection.

Our service can provide these titled "Menu Buttons" so you can identify different events and "jump" to your selection as easily as changing channels on your TV. Videotapes lack this feature because they run linear, from beginning to end.

How many events can I fit on a DVD?

Each DVD can hold up to two hours of footage from your HOME VIDEOS. For a small $3 fee each, (in addition to the first one that is included) we can separate your video events using interactive titled "Menu Buttons". Potentially, the dozens of interactive menu button choices available make DVD much more user friendly. This way, your DVD can play right on through from beginning to end or you can just instantly pick and choose which video segments you want to watch. You could have several events from one videotape or several events from different videotapes on your DVD. Just list your "Menu Button" titles on the Video to DVD Order Form. The first "Menu Button" title is included free with this offer. Additional Menu Buttons can be listed on the Extra Menu Buttons Order Form.

What about videotape recorded at different speeds?

If your videotape got recorded in LP (Long Play) or EP (Extended Play) mode it has already lost some quality. A videotape recorded in LP or EP mode means it moved past the VCR recording heads more slowly than in SP (Standard Play) mode. The slower a videotape moves past the recording heads of a VCR the less video/audio data can be recorded on the given area on the tape, meaning lesser quality. Recording 4 or 6 hours of video on a standard length videotape means better economy but lesser quality recording. Except for rare circumstances, all DVDs are recorded in SP mode for best quality. However, if you have priceless video recorded in EP or LP modes, taking up more than 2 hours in length, we can transfer it to DVD using the same mode to fit it all on one DVD disc.

How long does it take to get them back?

The service time is 2 to 3 weeks, guaranteed. We return any and all materials that are shipped with your videos.

What videotape formats (VHS) can be transferred?

We can only transfer videotapes recorded in the NTSC video system (no PAL or SECAM). NTSC is the system used by most all camcorders and VCRs in the USA. The videotape formats we can transfer from are: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Super 8, Digital 8 and Mini DV.

What about Copyrighted Videos?

DVD transfers are only available for home videos. If you do not own the copyright for your videotape or cannot obtain a copyright release for it, we cannot transfer it to DVD.

Which DVD players will play these DVD-R Videos we transfer video to?

For a free report on DVD-R and a long list of compatiable DVD players, Click Here

Below are some examples of memories that are transferable to DVD.

  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Religious Events
  • Family History / Story Telling
  • Geneology Records
  • Family Reunions
  • Old Family Movie Reels
  • Birthdays / Holidays
  • Baby's First Words / Steps
  • Childhood Memories
  • Dances / Music Recitals
  • Parades / Weather
  • School Plays / Assemblies
  • School Sporting Events / Cheerleading
  • Camping / Scouting
  • Vacations / Trips
  • Ocean Cruises / World Travel
  • Portfolios / Resume's
  • Auditions for Models / Actors / Musicians
  • Conventions / Expos
  • Speeches / Rallies
  • Work / Sports Training
  • News Clips/ Corporate Video
  • Science / Research
  • House / Building Construction Projects
  • We will not transfer any illegal material.

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