Welcome to BareTrax Multi-Media production studio.

BareTrax is taking Re-Amping to the next level, bringing in Analog guitar pedals that have been piling up at everyone home. We added the Radial EXTC Stereo Guitar effects Interface Re-Amp box. Allows not only standard Re-Amping of clean signal into other various guitar Amps, Heads, Speakers, etc, but also incorporates ones individualistic tone from those various pedal settings- mono, stereo, or combined.

Along with the May 2020 monitor upgrade, adding a new pair of 3-way ATC SCM25A Pro's (used by so many top notch audio professionals, these phenom monitors rave of top quality Low End, extraordinarily clear & detailed Mid-Range. and exceptionally revealing without being fatiguing High End), BareTrax also added a pair of Avantone MixCubes, to verify all is correct in the Mid-Range, and correct translation to other listening systems. In essance, these monitor sets are tight, controlled and extremely accurate.

To properly set the monitors, we added 4 IsoAcoustic's Puck 76's underneath each. This has the monitors now decoupled from the mixing desk, allowing the monitor enclosure to move back and forth (opposite) as the speaker cone 'fires'. Not only does the Monitor / Desk decoupling allow for hearing correct lower freq placement, but also lets you hear the correct stereo image of the song, each instrument having a cleaner three-dimensional sound in the mix.

To have access to as flat a Speaker Response for mixing as possible, Baretrax recently picked up the XREF20 Reference Mic.

Going thru the many marker spots in the SonarWorks 'Reference 4' software to locate the dips & peaks in a room's frequency specturm.
This allows whats heard, to mix by, be as flat as possible, to properly translate to other systems correctly, without remix needed.

Moved the Neumann TLM 102 to track Acoustics, along with the Mid-Side setup of a Fathead II Ribbon and a Sennheiser MD421 II.

The house Drum kit shellpack (Sonor Pro Select Force Stage 3 {Maple}), mic'd with Sennheiser MD421 ii's, shines more /w adding a pair of Neumann KM 184 Overhead Mic's - top notch Cymbal frequencies, and a set of Cascade Fathead II Ribbons for room mics- getting that added 'depth' to the overall drumkit tone.

Doing a quick Capsule change on a couple "shelf" mics, to the "RK-47" capsule, same capsule in the heart of Neumann's most famous microphone, the U 47, brings a whole new life to those "shelf" mics.

* New PreSonus 'Studio One' Software updates (5.3) for Win 10 (and 4,6,2 for Win 7), along with additional VSTs from Waves, FabFilter, Slate, and T-Racks.

Still stand by the A) State Digital Virtual Technology Virtual Tape Machines VST, to capture Analog Tape Saturation in the Digital Environment, and B) the ("Swiss Army Knife" of Comprssors) Empirical Labs Distressor. With the added dimension, fatness, depth, and warmth from both, you'll wonder how you ever mixed without them!

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