Welcome to BareTrax Multi-Media production studio.

Listed below you will see a short list of some gear available when you use BareTrax.

Digital Mixers:
Presonus RM32AI & RM16AI (/w UC Surface)
---- (64 Inputs At Once, 48 XLRs - 16 Digital)
Mackie DL1608
Rane HC6 Headphone Distribution Console
PreSonus HP4 Headphone Amplifier

Audio Recorders:
Presonus Studio One 5.3 Professional (Win10)
Presonus Studio One 4.6.2 Professional (Win7)
---- /w Project Mastering ( ** make Radio Ready)
Presonus Capture 2 (Live Shows)
Presonus Faderport
24 Track Alesis ADATs (transfer to DAW)
---- /w Adat/Edit
CD/DVD Burners & Duplicators (16 at Once)

Video Editors:
Canopus EDIUS 5 (Grass Valley)
Adobe Premiere Pro
Sony CD/DVD Duplicators

VSTs, Impulses & Soundsets from:
iZotope, Waves, T-Racks, FabFilter, Slate Digital, Korg, Arturia, Trillian, BFD3, Oberheim, Hammond B3, Scuffham, Line 6, Amplitube, Pod Farm, ReValver, Marshall, Fender Twin, Peavey 5150, RealTone, Fender Rhodes, Wahnsyn, Saxaphone, Empirical Labs (Distressor VST)

Melodyne Studio from Celemony (Auto Tune)
PAS Spectrum Analyzer

PreAmp db Boost:
2 CL-2 Cloudlifter
** 25db boost /w Dynamic Mics- cleaner signal path

Avid Eleven Rack (Allowing for "Re-Amp"-ing)
Radial EXTC Stereo Pedal Effects "Re-Amp"er
BBE 462 Sonic Maximizers
Digitech Vocalist Live Pro Harmonizer (Rack)
Digitech Vocalist 3 Harmonizer (Pedal)
Alesis QuadraVerb
Yamaha SPX50
Digitech DSP128
Digitech GSP21 Pro
Alesis MicroVerb II
ARTessories XLR Spliter/Combiner Pro

Mic Clamps:
----3D Printed, No Measuring, No Phase issue
Wilkinson Audio XY Clip 20 mm
Wilkinson Audio XY Clip 22 mm
Wilkinson Audio ORTF Clip 20mm
Wilkinson Audio ORTF Clip 22mm
Wilkinson Audio Fredman SM57 Mic Clip
(4) Wilkinson Audio MD421 Clips

FabFilter & Waves Compressors
Presonus FAT Channel Compressors/Gates (within RM32AI UC Surface)
Numerous Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressors
Behringer MultiGate Pro
dbx1 Compressor/Limiter
Rocktron Mono Compressors
Alesis Nano Compressor

Keyboard / MIDI:
(2) Korg M1s
Various VTSs (Hammond B3, Rhodes, etc, etc)
88 Key and 61 Key Midi Controller
Alesis DataDisk
iConnectivity mio USB MIDI Interface
iConnectivity iConnectMIDI1 Lightning Edition

SoundTech PS802E
SoundTech PL200

Operating Systems:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
iPads (4, 3 and 2)
Various iPhones & Andriods /w Monitor Apps
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98SE
ATC SCM25A Pro Studio Monitors (3 way)
---- /w IsoAcoustic Puck 76's
Alesis Studio Monitors (2 way)
---- /w IsoAcoustic Puck Mini's
Avantone MixCube Monitors (1 way)
Tascam DA-20 DAT Machine
Kenwood CT-203 Cassette Deck
Pioneer CD Player

Neumann TLM 49 (Condenser)
Sennheiser 441 (Dynamic)
Neumann TLM 102 (Condenser)
2 Neumann KM 184's (Condenser)
6 Sennheiser MD421 ii's (Dynamic)
Vanguard V44S gen2 Stereo (Condenser)
2 Cascade Fathead II's (Ribbon)
Sennheiser e901 (Condenser)
Sennheiser e906 (Condenser)
Senngeiser e904 (Dynamic)
3 Sennheiser e604's (Dynamic)
AKG D112 (Dynamic)
Shure SM-81 (Condenser)
Shure PG56 (Dynamic)
2 Rode NT1-A's (Condenser) /w RK-47 Capsule
2 Audix CX-111's (Condenser)
Audix i5 (Dynamic)
Audio Technica Pro 37 (Conderser)
2 Audio Technica AT815B's (Condenser)
MXL V67i (Condenser)
Audio Technica AT-2020 (Condenser)
MXL 770 (Condenser) /w RK-47 Capsule
Spare Audio Technica Tom Mic's
Many Shure SM57's and SM58's

Drum Stuff:
6 Piece Sonor Pro Series Kit
----Select Force Stage 3
----Special Edition Maple
----Red Glitter Lacquer
DS7D L - 6 Section Acrylic Drum Shields/Panels
----Six Panels 2ft. x 6 ft w/ Inner Deflectors
----Total 7ft Tall w/ Living Hinges
Shure A56D Drum Rim Mic Clamp
12 Channel Drum Snake
(3) Alesis D4s
Boss DR660
4 Roland RT-30HR Dual-Zone Triggers
Roland RT-30K Acoustic Bass Drum Trigger
Pintech Triggers
Simmons Pads

Steel Drum, Conga, Rainstick, Cabassa, Maracas, Claves, Slide Whistle, Tambourine, Kazoo, Mouth Harp, Wind Chimes, Vater StickMate Tambourine Adaptors, Vater StickMate Shaker Adaptors

Radical EXTC Stereo Re-Amp Box
---- To not only Re-Amp but also allows Guitar
---- pedals to be added to DAW processing
Morpheus Polyphonic 'Capo' & 'Detune' Pedals
Acoustic Foam Bass Traps & Diffusers
Orban Loudness Meter
JL Cooper dataSYNC2 (DAW/Hardware sync)
OpCode Studio 64 XTC (PC/Hardware sync)
Kayler Human Clock (MIDI/Analog sync)
2 Sabine RT-1600 Rack Tuners
192 Point PatchBay
(2) 8 X 8 MIDI PatchBays
Numerous Mic Stands
Too Many XLR Cables
Excess Of MIDI Cables
24 Channel & 12 Channel XLR Snakes
Pile Of Active Direct Boxes (Padded)
Amp Stand

Audio-Technica ATH-M70x (Closed)
Pioneer SE-A1000's (Open Air)
AKG K 240 MK II's (Semi-Open)
JBL Everest Elite 700's (Bluetooth)
JBL E55BT's (Bluetooth)

Miscellaneous Cabinets:
(2) Bag End 18H
(2) Peavey 15 Black Widows
(2) LTI 12H
Gallien Krueger MB115 & MB210 Bass Amp/Cab
Carvin 2 X 10 Cab

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